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XCMG Industry Internet Shines in 2018 World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit

Author:  From:  Date:2018-11-14

On October 12, the 2018 World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit was opened in Nanjing. Themed on “empowering the future through intelligent manufacturing”, the Summit integrated industry, exhibition, competition road shows, summit and intelligent experience. 1,953 companies participated or exhibited in the event. Experts, scholars and industry leaders in intelligent manufacturing, who came from over ten countries, e.g., China, Germany, France and USA, gathered in Nanjing and discussed how to turn “smart manufacturing” into the “intelligent future”. 

XCMG Information, as the first biz card of Industry Internet in Jiangsu Province, was also present at the Summit. In the exhibition zone of Empowering Intelligent Manufacturing, it exhibited the Xrea Industry Internet Platform that best understands manufacturing, the most valuable cross-industry and cross-field empowering cases, the plain connection and industry Internet ecology featuring open cooperation, co-existence and win-win, thus fully highlighting the unique creativity of XCMG, which works hard in the industry market and empowers the industry as the “advocate of industry Internet values”. 

Yang Dongsheng introduced to participants the technical advantages, value innovation and empowering practice of Xrea industry Internet platform.

In the principal forum of the Summit, Yang Dongsheng participated in the dialogue themed on “product, technology and solutions”. He shared with experts in the industry and top executives of companies the cutting-edge experience that can best endure test of the market.


Yang Dongsheng said, “From the perspective of XCMG practice, many new technologies and tools are applied in research, production, supply, sales and service, helping XCMG realize intelligent manufacturing. Companies should grasp opportunities brought by digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing. Focusing on industry Internet, we should combine closely the advanced IT with manufacturing technologies, making them the driving force of corporate transformation. Only in this way can companies stand in the new starting point of high-quality development and shift from the factor driving to innovation driving.”

In the Summit of Industry Interne Platform Innovations and Practice, XCMG Information President Zhang Qiliang also made a speech entitled “industry Internet stimulates limitless potential”.

“The value of Xrea industry Internet is making manufacturing more intelligent, to be specific, the intelligent design, management, production, service and predictions. The insight and prediction of future companies constitute an important part of corporate development” , said Zhang Qiliang. 

“Let all data of XCMG flow”, said Yang Dongsheng in the media interview, “This is what XCMG has done in recent years in its intelligent transformation and upgrading”.

Take cranes, the major product of XCMG, as an example. The big data, AI technology and industry Internet platform are of vital importance for upgrading and improving the production techniques and quality. Nowadays, XCMG has introduced AI and machine learning. Through industry Internet platform and experience of workers, it can analyze which part is vulnerable to deformation, which welding seams need more attention, and which part needs to improve the processing strength. All these key data and applications have effectively upgraded the manufacturing techniques and greatly saved the labor cost and time cost. The products are also being upgraded.

The Xrea industry Internet platform keeps “steered by values”. Based on the open-source general IT technology, it combines cloud computing, big data, IoT, AI and other emerging technologies, so as to support the ubiquitous connection of industrial resources, analysis of industrial data integration, and innovation of industrial application and development. Through the large-quantity data accumulated on the Xrea platform, it analyzes and mines values so as to support decision making of the users, companies and even the government. In this way, it makes data flow and manufacturing smart.  


Xrea industry Internet platform makes manufacturing smarter


XCMG Chairman Wang Min has always had a dream of helping XCMG reach the whole world with the support of industry Internet.

In July 2014, based on the strategy of the manufacturer, XCMG Information was established. In July 2016, it released Xrea industry Internet platform, the first one of its kind in China. It is not only the major platform for XCMG to practise intelligent manufacturing and realize efficient transformation, but also the “empowering pioneer” for XCMG to realize the cross-border fusion. 

Till today, more than 610,000 units have been connected to Xrea industry Internet platform, of which 220,000 units come from XCMG. They cover 330 regions, over 60 industries, more than 2,000 equipment types and over 20 application scenarios in China. The visitors can experience the real-life work scenes of industry software kits, such as intelligent R&D, production, management and logistics, so as to better understand how Xrea industry Internet platform “makes manufacturing smarter”.

In the field of construction, XCMG Information, based on the Xrea industry Internet platform, built the platform of equipment leasing for a large construction group. The platform has sections, namely, client management, resource management, supply-demand management and transaction management, so as to solve the pain spots such as lack of equipment resource management means, high rate of equipment idleness and missing of online transactions. It improves the proportion of social transactions from 2.3% to 10%, the comprehensive re-use rate of shield tunneling machine from 29.6% to 40.9%, that of drill jumbo from 32.5% to 60%, that of road machinery from 58.6% to 73.8% and that of girder cranes from 41.5% to 63.2%.

In the industry of manufacturing, XCMG Information provides equipment cloud service for a manufacturer of decelerators, solving the pain spots such as inability to keep abreast of the production equipment situation, trace the real-time information of order processing and realize whole-process quality tracking. Based on the Xrea industry Internet platform, it realizes real-time monitoring of equipment operation situation, order progress and better production seaming, calculates and analyzes the efficiency of equipment use, and feeds back to the corporate decision making, thus realizing production transparency and improving equipment use rate by 3.6%, the rate of plan completion by 8.3% and rate of one-time finished product by 2.1%. 

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