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  ShangHai ZanChen is a distributor which specializes in XCMG machinery parts for years,include XCMG Crane parts, XCMG Excavator parts, XCMG Loader parts, XCMG Grader parts, XCMG Paver parts. We keep good contact with their parts department. We pay the most importance to honest, efficient work, and responsibility. Our aim is to distribute China products of good quality and low price to the whole world.



   We purchase Crane parts from XCMG Warehouse.



XCMG Crane model QY16D QY20G QY25K QY50K  QY65K QY70K QY100K QY130K QY160K QAY25 QUY50 

Hirchmann Products , Crane SLI System

Loader cellSteel & Nylon Pulley, Tyre,



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